hannelore arnold

Port Lincoln Artist

Drawings :: Paintings :: Portraits :: Sculptures

I was born in Offenburg Germany in 1950; it is situated on the foothills of the Black Forest.
This is where I grew up and studied window display & design. Art was very much part of  the studies; both in a theoretical and practical sense as at the time we created all our own props and designs.

Having kept up  my love for art I studied pottery at Tafe College Adelaide in the eighties.

In 1992 we moved to Port Lincoln  on the beautiful Eyre Peninsula in South Australia where I have my studio and gallery "Klitzeklein" (minuscule).
The nature around Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula is where I draw the inspiration for some of my work.

I believe every artists work is a window into that persons mind and soul. To get to know their aspirations and interests only needs a little observing of their work. Letting my paintings speak for themselves will give you an understanding of how I look at things.
I rather paint, draw and make sculptures than write long epistles of myself.